Princes Trust for Christmas Gifts? Supporting London start-ups

Posted by Thomas Andersson on

I have been a business mentor with Prince's Trust for nearly three years now. This means I provide advice, positive reinforcement, general help, and industry contacts to young people starting out in business. My purpose is to get the businesses up and running, building their business plans and to get the young person (18-30yo) ready to stand in front of the Prince's Trust panel and explain why they should get a loan with them.

If you are interested in what these start-ups do you may drop into their shop - Tomorrow's Store - in Eldon Street (Moorgate) and perhaps spend a few quid... or perhaps try it online here.

A few images from inside the Eldon Street store:

 Try out the full-screen version (press square in bottom right-hand corner)

Loads of products on display for all occasions. All made by individuals coming through the Prince's Trust process.

Merry Christmas to y'all.

The team at Styleintelligence.

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