The real reason for the demise of high street retailers - customer service

Posted by Thomas Andersson on

Retail is detail... and customer service. 

Long gone are the days when you could instruct your store staff to decline any returns or refunds for whatever reason. However, in an online world the ability of customers who feel they have been wronged to broadcast their grievance has empowered customers to a level which legacy retailers do not appear well prepared for.

Following the [again] lacklustre results from Arcadia Group we took it upon us to go through their finances to see if there is anything alluding to why the company is not doing well and gaining online traction where Asos and Boohoo are easily storming ahead.

Having reviewed a number of feeback scores from it appears that not only is this isolated to Arcadia Group and Topshop, but almost exclusively to multi-channel retailers - extremely bad customer service.

Topshop Feedback ScoreRiver Island Feedback ScoreFrench Connection Feedback ScoreMiss Selfridge Feedback ScoreZara Feedback ScoreH&M Feedback Score

Of all the multi-channel retailers we could only find one retailer with more than a single star (of five) which was surprisingly - New Look... but only with two stars.

New Look Feedback Score

Comparing to the pureplay fashion retailers there is a stark contrast in reputational awareness. Although Boohoo comes out in the bottom, compare the number of reviews with that of New Look and it becomes pretty apparent what is happening.

Boohoo Feedback ScoreAsos Feedback ScoreMissguided Feedback Score

 See the difference?

Credits: Trustpilot

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