Zara Concept Store in Westfield Stratford, London

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Yet another concept store open and we are still as keen as ever to check out the new awesome technology this global company must have installed and utilised to its maximum potential.

We are quickly disappointed by the mirrors on display and the large number of Zara staff on display. Our immediate thought "did we waste our time coming here?".

Technology - what technology?

The Zara concept store use a bit of technology, but nothing revolutionary, or even inspirational. It appears to be more of a testing ground to determine how consumers will interact with a guide shop, order and collect or have it delivered - a concept introduced by Trunk Club and Bonobos in the US about half a decade ago.

Image: one of the magic mirrors in the Zara concept store

The clothes have Rfid tags and when you put them up to a mirror you get the garment on the screen. To be honest we were so disappointed we didnt even bother going into one of the changing rooms.

However, it should be noted that Zara & Inditex may not use this concept store as a way to trial unique or the latest developments in technology, so our critique is probably unfair.

If you want to see retail technology in action we would recommend going to your nearest own-operated G-star RAW store. The way they use RFID is quite a lot more interesting, but more discrete. Most visitors probably does not know this is being used... and thats what makes it great.

Image: G-Star RAW store in Westfield Stratford. Look carefully and you can see the Intel RFID sensors


The Zara concept store assistants were very eager to showcase the technology, but if you really need to showcase and give a lecture on how to use the technology - is it really good enough???


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