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Founded in 1991, head office in the UK
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  • Orderwise is a warehouse management system with integrated marketplace management tools. This provides more advanced inventory management tools to medium sized businesses
  • ERP for SME's
  • Orderwise have developed its own AGV's (autonomous guided vehicles) and have a number of customers signed up for their warehouse robotics systems


  • Oxford Pharmacy Store, L&S Engineers, DMS Flooring Supplies, e-Hardware online ironmongers, SimpleLighting, Gift Universe, A. Perry, Biketart, Mackays, HunkyDory, Epicurium, Choice Shops, Papini, Barnes Williams, Countrywide Healthcare, SafetyBuyer.com, PJA Distribution, Custom Technology Solutions, Pilatus Pharma, HappyPet, Running Imp, Hart Biologicals


    • [+] ERP-light functionality
    • [+] Allows your inventory to be distributed on multiple marketplaces
    • [-] Merchants need to open accounts with each marketplace and shipping provider


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