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Founded in 2008, office in London, UK
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  • Metail is an avatar-based fitting room solution which allow consumers to try on garments virtually


  • House of Holland, Royal Wedding boutique, This Morning, Abof, Evans, Glamour Magazine, Dafiti


    • [+] The solution provids an interesting and gamified view for consumers to play around with different garment combinations
    • [-] Retailers are required to digitise garments using Metail's procedures which add cost to each garment.

    Styleintelligence insights

    • Metail has raised circa $35m. At one point it advertised the number of Phd's it employed. The company has filed numerous patent applications. Its main backer is an apparel manufacturer, TAL Apparel.
    • Metail was covered in our report on size & fit technology.

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