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Sellbrite (GoDaddy)

Founded in 2013, head office in California, US
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  • Sellbrite allows retailers to distribute its products on a number of marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, etc.
  • In common with many other marketplace management tools, Sellbrite integrates with shipping providers, various cart softwares and includes basic inventory & order management tools
  • Sellbrite was acquired by GoDaddy in April 2019 [announcement]


  • Primarily SME/SMB customers
  • Dweebzilla, JJ Designer Jewelry, Opticsrev, All About Shapewear, Forever Gifts


    • [+] Allows your inventory to be distributed on multiple marketplaces
    • [+] Medium to high volume of plug & play integrations with marketplaces and shipping providers
    • [-] Merchants need to open accounts with each marketplace and shipping provider


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