Benetton: Case Study & Strategic Advice, Feb 2016 - Styleintelligence - Case Study

Benetton: Case Study & Strategic Advice, Feb 2016

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A Case Study: United Colors of Benetton

Case study & Strategic Advice (unsolicited). Published Feb 2016.

Benetton grew quickly up to the mid-1990's, the company's rationalised supply-chain and ranges were all the rage until they were caught out by fast fashion innovators H&M, Inditex, and later also Fast Retailing. The company has since struggled with a number of male Italian CEOs in charge. For a company that was founded by a woman, and which supports female empowerment, it is interesting that it has never been CEOd by a woman.

The background to this case study is that Styleintelligence came into contact with Benetton staff and we offered to do a free quick strategic overview (from the outside) based on information available in media.

Disclosure: Benetton is not a Styleintelligence client, or in any way affiliated with Styleintelligence.

The case study benchmarks Benetton against their main rivals, H&M, Fast Retailing (Uniqlo) and Inditex.

This is a FREE case study (No Requirement For Card Details to Download)

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