Market Report: UK B2B Retail Tech Suppliers - a sector snapshot

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We identified 273 B2B Retail Tech suppliers HQ'd in the UK

In May 2019 STIQ identified 273 companies targeting and/or selling B2B SaaS and/or hardware to retailers. All of the companies have indicated a primary address in the UK, via their own website, Linkedin and/or Crunchbase.

This report offers the reader a snapshot of the UK B2B Retail Tech sector, its growth from 1990 to 2019, throughout the ecommerce revolution, and analytical insights to key growth segments.

Inside the report you will find:

  • A complete list of the 273 companies by name
  • A map of the key UK cities for Retail Tech companies
  • Macro sector and segment insights
  • Key market sector developments and sector drivers
  • Profiles of STIQ's top nine suppliers


Approx read time: 5-10min

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