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Online Grocery Market Technologies for Order Fulfillment

Market Report: e-Grocery Infrastructure 2023 (PRE-ORDER)


2023 e-Grocery Infrastructure Report


This report focuses on the many various strategies and technologies available to fulfil online grocery orders, from large scale CFC to smaller localised MFC type automation to in-store options.

STIQ will interview up to 60 stakeholders to generate a good overview of market dynamics, key events, how the market is segmented, what technologies are available to grocers and if this increasingly includes grocery suppliers, such as CPGs/FMCGs.

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Companies that may be included in this report: AiFi, Aisle 3, Alert Innovation, AutoStore, Badger Technologies, Bricks Meet Click, Bricz, Cleveron, Colib, Cooler Screens, Covariant, Dematic, Emporix, FoodX Technologies, Gillespie Manners, Grab2Go, GrocerKey, Instaleap, InStock, Knapp, Local Express, Mercatus, Neurolabs, Ocado Solutions, Orckestra/ mdf, OSF Digital, Paycon, Phononic, Retail Robotics, Savills, Sensei Tech, Spryker Systems,, Swisslog, Takeoff Technologies, TGW, The Partnering Group, Urbantz, Urbx, Vargo, VST, Vtex and Wynshop. Note that STIQ also interviewed mulitple stakeholders that wished to remain anonymous.