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A Crowded Cube Storage Space

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Following a visit to LogiMAT 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany it became clear that the Cube Storage sector, pioneered by AutoStore in the 1990's, has become increasingly attractive to many different companies.

There appeared to be an influx of startups and legacy companies targeting the Cube Storage sector and some of the people we talked to confirmed this impression from the April trade show.

Most of these vendors are European, mainly from Germany and Netherlands. Note also that these companies targeted the Cube Storage space from a variety of angles, i.e. for storage or for transportation, etc.

Volume Lagertechnik had developed a robot with swivel wheels and a rotating top with a shallow storage cube for improved throughput.  

Gebhardt Intralogistics added a bot on top of the grid as a way to minimize the footprint of a smaller solution, i.e. avoiding complex conveyor installations for consolidation, sequencing, etc. Note that the main robot is an ASRS shuttle.

Intellistore showed their concept with three robots synching up work to make finding the correct tote faster. What is missing in this image is the robot operating under the storage hive.

Noyes Technologies has produced a solution that was originally mean to target the Q-Commerce sector. Noyes is based on a mobile robot running under totes. Interestingly, Noyes is one of the few companies also incorporating chilled totes.

Other vendors include Jungheinrich with their Powercube solution.

We also saw Cellgo, but forgot to take any pictures (apologies).

We know of more Cube Storage companies, but these were most of the ones exhibiting at LogiMAT 2023.

To find out about more companies and our analysis of these sectors - download our free market research reports here.

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