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SoftBank and Robotics Investments

SoftBank recently reported a massive $23bn quarterly loss in 1Q22 (source: and announced more cautious investment criteria and smaller equity stakes in the future. 

What might this mean for the robotics companies remaining in SoftBank's portfolio?

Will there be a push to exit companies earlier, not invest in additional rounds, more pressure on management (robot companies) to commercialise/grow sales, etc? 

In STIQs experience, SoftBank typically invests at later stages and attempt to be a kind of flywheel for increasing valuations, or valuation expectations. Some of SoftBank's portfolio companies have started working with other SoftBank portfolio companies or subsidiaries (this is relatively common among PE firms).

It should be noted that many of the robotics companies with investment from SoftBank also have multiple other investors. STIQ recommends readers check publicly available sources, such as Crunchbase for additional research.

SoftBank's Robotics Companies

STIQ has compiled a list of companies SoftBank has exited from and those they retain an interest in.

Exited companies (or partial exits):

* SoftBank may have retained a significant equity stake in these companies post-exit

Current portfolio companies:

 Other (IoT, devices, etc.):

  • CloudMinds (Wright Robotics in the US) [IoT/AI]
  • Light [camera technology]
  • Accel Robotics [autonomous store/retail tech]
  • and many others...


We would love to get your views - are there any robotics companies we missed? Has SoftBank exited companies we have listed as current? Do you have any views on these companies?


  1. This is a snapshot as SoftBank frequently retains a stake in businesses after exit/IPOs and run complex financial arrangements (like many of their peers).
  2. SoftBank is made up of a large number of entities and not all of them are directly related to SoftBank, i.e. some entities may have been divested from the core group. 
  3. This list is not exhaustive and is primarily focused on Vision Fund 1 & 2 (link)
  4. This is not investment advice - STIQ strongly recommends readers do their own research before investing


Views on SoftBank, other investors and their involvement in the robotics sector? Post a comment (we monitor comments).  

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