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Trade Show Review: Modex 2024, March, Atlanta, Georgia, US

Trade Show


As the annual warehouse automation trade show calendar goes, March is typically when things are happening. First out on our calendar was MODEX (organised by MHI) in Atlanta, Georgia.

The show was held Monday March 11-14 and STIQs team arrived on the 9th. We had enough time to include a basketball game with the Atlanta Hawks playing at home. Unfortunately the home team lost. But, we had a great time and tried our best to enjoy that $15 can of beer (talk about inflation). 

STIQ team at Atlanta Hawks game

Tom Andersson and Yassir Al-Refaie from STIQ at the Hawks v Pelicans game.


Modex and their sibling show Promat are on STIQs must visit warehouse automation shows list.  

The show itself had c.1,200 exhibitors, many international, spread across three halls (A, B and C). Modex is held bi-annually and the last time there were two exhibition halls (B and C). 

It took STIQ the majority of opening hours during the 4 days to go through every individual show booth (yes, we're a bit OCD with seeing/passing every booth). We walked from the back of hall C to B and then into A on the final day. 

Yes, there were plenty of Chinese vendors, but perhaps not as many as we might have expected (we didn't do a count). The usual suspects were there alongside quite a few first time exhibitors as well.

Exhibitors: c.1,200
Visitors: c.48,500
MHI Press release


STIQs "Most Interesting New Vendor" prize went to Martistel, tucked away in one of the corners in hall B.

The company was founded by two guys based in Dubai, UAE and have just about exited stealth with an interesting take on cube and mobile ASRS storage where they kind of traverse both G2P Solution segments. 

For G2P Solution segments - download our G2P Solutions reports here

Martistel at modex 2024

Martistel booth at Modex 2024 

Martistel UI at Modex 2024
Martistel UI
STIQ video clips of Martistel's solution can be found here and here


Company: Martistel
HQ Location: Dubai, UAE
Solution: cASRS / mASRS hybrid
STIQ free report (first mentioned in): 2024 G2P Solutions report 

Previous STIQ Modex exhibition prize winner included OPEX at Modex 2022 for the "Most Talked About Solution". OPEX launched their infinity solution in 2022 (and just recently teamed up with TGW as a partner). Read our review from Modex 2022 here


Limited reader attention span does not allow us time to show every single stand of the c.1,200 Modex exhibitors. Here is a snapshot of some of the booths and companies exhibiting at the show:

Two key trends we felt came out of Modex 2024 was a focus on pallet ASRS Shuttles and loading & unloading robotics

Pallet Shuttlet at Modex 2024

Was 2024 the year of the Pallet ASRS Shuttle?

Pickle Robotics at Modex 2024

Pickle Robotics at Modex 2024. Pickle was one of many carton unloading robot vendors with booths at the show.

Contoro container unloading solution at Modex 2024.

Exotec's different bin/tray sizes

Powered picking cart

Locus probably took the prize for the largest individual stand at Modex 2024.

Kollmorgen at Modex 2024 

Avery Dennison at Modex 2024

Rebus at Modex 2024

Palletization and de-palletization was also a big theme at Modex 2024.

Multiple vendors now offer an AGV Shuttle. Here's Kengic's version. 

Kengic robotics booth at Modex 2024.

Hybrid manual picking solution at Modex 2024. 

OCME / Robopac at Modex 2024.

Hybrid manual+ container unloading solution. 

Mushiny showcased their new unit sorter solution.

STIQ also squeezed in a visit to the MAG group at Modex 2024.


Reflex Robotics deserve a special mention in this review. The reason for this is not because the robot moved very smoothly and followed commands via the UI (bottom right corner in image). 

The reason they get a special mention is that STIQ was told by multiple people that we really needed to see this solution because it was "amazing".

However, at the booth the STIQ inquisitive nature took over and asked about the robot which turned out to simply be a remote controlled device where users spoke directly to the remote operator. Whilst quick and smooth moving, there was no AI whatsoever involved, just plain old "human technology".

Footnote: Anthropomorphism (wikipedia) is a human feature which means we often attach meaning to moving objects. At STIQ we are preparing to write a new report including humanoids - pre order/download this report here.


STIQ organised a networking mixer sponsored by Advanced Motion Controls after show hours on March 11th (5-7.30pm). This was held in one of the bars in Omni hotel just next to the Georgia International Conference Centre ground. About 25-30 people joined up for informal/ casual networking with A-M-C and other STIQ readers.

Participating companies included Advanced Motion Controls, Flexqube, Intel, Teradyne, Leonardo, Mytra, Zebra, Techvico, Floatic, Potenit, Opteran, Mobotic, Ground Inc, 4V, Synaos, Ensight Automation, KPI Solutions, Slamcore, Wagner, Formant, UC Group and others.

AMC team members in red tees.

Reach out to STIQ if you are interested in organising a drinks mixer at a future trade show or discussing other types events. You may also request our media pack here.


We met many people we have got to know in the sector in and around the trade show venue.


Tom Wagner of Berkshire Grey, selfied with the STIQ team.


The Puppy Petting Backyard booth might have been competing for cutest exhibitor at Modex 2024. No puppies where harmed as far as we know.


Here's a compilation of our video clips from Modex 2024 in Atlanta.

This review may be updated without notice. 

Also check out STIQ's YouTube Channel for more clips and videos:


STIQ publishes a range of free market research reports which you may be interested in downloading:


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