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A review of Noah London Conference, October 2019

Noah Conference is a series of 'investors & businesses looking for investors' event throughout Europe (Germany, Israel, Switzerland, UK) founded by Marco Rodzynek, a charismatic ex-investment professional. This year's instalment was the 10th anniversary for the conference.

Note: This review does not cover any non-retail related technology companies. Visit the Noah Conference website to view the participating companies in Fintech, Proptech, Legatech, etc.

Our verdict:

If you are a start-up looking for growth funding, Noah is the key event of the year collecting the cream of investors and companies looking for funding across a number of key sectors. The conference attracts investors from early stage to $150m+ growth capital.

---- 2019 review (by Alina Kim)


 With a continuous mission of creating a physical marketplace for digital European startups and investors, NOAH 2019 took place at London’s Old Billingsgate on rather symbolical days - official Brexit cut off - October 30-31.

 Networking and matchmaking was made easy with a handy NOAH App that allowed quick access to the most relevant people. Over 400 top European tech companies met over 500 leading investors during a two day conference and most of these meetings were pre-arranged.

 Insightful and open conversations with senior executives of investment companies took place on the main stage during the two days. Investors shared their admiration for European founders, for their respect towards capital and focusing capital on returns and building sustainable businesses models.

 Ground floor of the exhibition hosted a number of payments companies showcasing their businesses and offering their services to e-commerce businesses across the industries with a focus on retail e-commerce:


With headquarters in London, ecommpay has offices across countries like Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Singapore and Cyprus. The company offers full-stack technological solution to e-commerce merchants including over 90 alternative payment methods allowing retail companies to enter new international markets. In one of the countries where Yandex taxi operates, ecommpay introduced a method where the client’s card would get charged every mile to prevent situations where a taxi was ordered with a bank card that was deleted from the app during the ride in an attempt to escape the payment at the end of the trip.

Focusing on providing end users with a convenient omnichannel experience, ecommpay is highly adaptable in their approach to solve merchant’s problems.


Munich based Wirecard offering domestic and international payment solutions to merchants and beyond, has recently launched their own B2C solution: online banking with a physical card. The new business was launched with a hope to increase the funnel of customer acquisition for the main B2B business line by demonstrating what can be done with solutions of wirecard.

 In general, NOAH 2019 was yet another well organised event with many opportunities both for startups to meet the investors and network with each other as well as to see what’s going on in European digital business world.

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