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New CMO at Farfetch: Third CMO since 2013!

Farfetch appointed its third CMO since 2013 in May 2017.

No other position has changed to the same extent pointing towards issues in the Marketing role. Both Pepper and Horton were external appointments, whereas Veichmanis is an internal promotion.

What is striking is that while Veichmanis is a highly experienced and accomplinched marketer his experience from luxury goods is absent, perhaps a good thing after all. Prior to joining Farfetch he was VP Marketing at Expedia, with responsibility for Global Search Marketing and Customer Acquisition.

Horton came from a predominantly PR & Marketing background at Shopbop, Vogue and New York Times. Pepper had a similar background with Harrods. Veichmanis background is more focused on traffic and customer acquisition.

Circumstantial evidence would point towards difficulties generating enough traffic for, but a quick analysis using throws up an interesting result with Farfetch in the top trafficed websites. Perhaps... it is about quality of traffic?

Semrush analytics

Will we notice any difference?

Perhaps... returns and traffic appears to be big issues for Farfetch. They have maintained their 14 days return window for years. Unlikely that there will be any major change, but this could be an appointment to ensure there is solid marketing data behind an IPO...

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