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NRF 2022, Day 0

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Recent news about the high prevalence of Covid in New York appears to have influenced a few companies to downsize their presence at NRF. However, the show has not started yet and we will see with our own eyes from tomorrow 10am. Look out for our coverage from the show.

The typical last minute frenzy of setting up meetings with exhibitors have been a very civil affair in 2022 with nearly all companies also offering a hybrid approach with post-show Zoom (replace with your choice of video meeting software) meetings. 

Interestingly, the 2022 version has attracted many warehouse automation vendors, from AutoStore to Geek+ and many others. STIQ started visiting NRF in 2019 and have visited annually since. 

In 2019 there were very few warehouse automation companies, such as Locus, Tompkins Robotics, IAM Robotics, Dematic, 6 River Systems. We also saw Alibaba showing off some of their robotic restaurant solutions in the early days.

In 2022, there are multiple companies exhibiting, from AutoStore, Dematic, Exotec, Geek+, GreyOrange, HAI Robotics, Locus Robotics, OPEX Corporation, PAL Robotics, Retail Robotics, RightHand Robotics, Robomart, SSI Schaefer, Takeoff Technologies, TGW, and Tompkins Robotics among others.

We're looking forward to chatting to all these companies and will report from the show.

NRF Big Show is held at Jacob K Javitz Centre in New York every January and is a leading global retail tech trade show.  More information

 Silly data: 10.7k steps walked

PS STIQ has promoted the NRF show in all our G2P Solutions reports since 2019 and think/hope we had something to do with the increased number of companies exhibiting here. 

STIQ update: We arrived in New York today and got issued with our Covid pass (don't want to spend hours in a potential queue tomorrow when the show opens) and also picked up our show pass. 

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