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Trade Show Report: IMHX 2022

Trade show report: IMHX, Birmingham, UK, Sep 6-8, 2022

IMHX is not an annual trade show and has been held once every three years. STIQ has heard this changed to every two years recently. The last IMHX we visited was held in 2019.

It should be noted that many robotics and warehouse automation trade shows in 2022 have been hugely popular affairs with record exhibitor and visitor numbers, such as Modex (US) and LogiMat (Germany). These shows were held in 1H22 which may have shielded these shows from the main impact of utility prices and talks of recession.

The 2022 IMHX show was hosted in a single hall at the NEC, down from previous 3 halls. Despite this, there was very good quality exhibitors such as Covariant, Gebhardt, STOW, Exotec, etc. 

AutoStore is always present at warehouse automation shows either directly or via their many distribution partners.

One of the more interesting exhibits was this DS Automotion (not an exhibitor at IMHX) mobile robot converted from a standard battery power source to a hydrogen powered robot by FES.


Zapi Group acquired BlueBotics in 2022 and showed at IMHX.


TGW showed off their Stingray ASRS shuttle.


Fives Group have been busy partnering with a number of startups and showed off their Caja Robotics partnership at IMHX.

Covariant prominently showing off their picking robots at IMHX. In all, STIQ saw 3-4 picking robotics companies (either on their own or part of other stands with system integrator partners).

Overall, IMHX 2022 could have been better. There was an ok number of visitors on the 6th when we visited and we heard from exhibitors that this improved on the 7th and somewhat also on the 8th. So, in terms of visitors it appears to have been a well visited show.

It took STIQ a bit more than half a day to go through the hall and shake plenty of hands.

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