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Trade Show Review: LogiMAT 2024, Stuttgart, Germany

Trade Show

LogiMAT 2024 review

Trade show: LogiMAT 
Date: Mar 19-21, 2024
Location: Stuttgart, Germany (walking distance from the airport)
Visitors: 67,240 (source)
Exhibitors: 1,610 (source)


LogiMAT is the primary intralogistics annual trade show in Europe. The fair is located at the Messe Stuttgart, super conveniently near Stuttgart Airport, a mere 5min walk from the airport. As with most German trade shows STIQ has visited, it is supremely signed as well so you would have to do very well to get lost.

With 10 exhibition halls full, LogiMAT is quite a busy show and it is important to go with a strategy to finish the entire show in the three days. 

STIQ is always keen to see all stands in all halls so have devised a zone approach where Tom covered odd numbered halls and Yassir covered even numbered halls). This worked so so, but we got through all halls in the end.

Luckily, LogiMAT has managed to kind of squeeze a certain level of segmentation into each halls with a focus on a certain product or service.


Joloda Hydraroll fresh from acquiring Simec. Check out STIQ's 2024 Loading & Unloading report.

Mushiny showcased their new unit sortation solution

Romb Technologies (AMR navigation) 

Ingenieurburo Gerth showcased AutoStore #621 at LogiMAT. Apparently they subcontract with an approved AutoStore SI to sell these solutions (?) 


Libiao Robotics showcasing AirRob system (not moving when we visited)

HIK Robot, typically exhibits at non-North American trade shows

Gridstore Robotics 

Exotec on partner Errevi's booth

Element Logic

OPLOG/ Tarqan 

DS Automotion on Haake booth

Koerber Supply Chain with partner suppliers

Itoh Denki booth



Noyes Technology fresh from being acquired by Knapp

Zimmer AMR

STAMH booth


STIQ was invited to MurrElektronik's ConnectTech event in Stuttgart on the last day of LogiMAT. We met plenty of new people and learned about Murr's extensive product range and their view on the future of the connection box.


The STIQ team met up with Maersk and Murr Elektronik.


Yup, not a LogiMAT without the band getting together.

The TGW x SAFELOG x STIQ band reformed for a single awesome performance at Logimat. Unfortunately all tickets sold out. If you were hoping to get a ticket to the concert... better luck next Logimat!  


Noyes Technologies founder, Marco Pruglmeier, looked reasonably happy having sold his business to Knapp recently.

Meeting the OPLOG team during one of the evenings at LogiMAT in a central Stuttgart restaurant (cant remember the name, but good food!). 


See also STIQs YouTube channel here:


See you at LogiMAT 2025!


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