Amazon Fashion: Under the Hood Retail Analysis, June 2017

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Amazon Fashion - A 'look under the hood'

We had a 'look under the hood' and made a few observations...

Amazon Fashions:

  1. ... experienced a sharp decline in revenue growth 2015-2016.
  2. ... went through a re-organisation in 2016-2017 resulting in two senior departures.
  3. ... is experiencing the highest returns rate for all Amazon categories.
  4. ... is not meeting sales expectations outside the US due to a number of facts.
  5. ... will push hard into Europe imminently.
  6. ... is advertising 400 open positions in June 2017, in addition to its current estimated 1200 staff.
  7. ... has tried a number of social media initiatives such as Style Code Live which closed in 2017

Despite such recent set-backs, the Amazon Fashion division is still a major revenue contributor to the company representing an estimated 14% of all revenue in 2016, down from 16% in 2015.

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