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Market Report: Goods-to-Person Ecommerce Fulfilment Robotics 2023 - Styleintelligence

Market Report: Goods-to-Person Ecommerce Fulfilment Robotics 2023


2023 G2P Solutions report

This is a 68-page report focusing on warehouse fulfilment automation equipment primarily for ecommerce retailers and/or online order fulfilment. This is frequently referred to as the G2P Solutions sector, P2G/G2P, GTP or Goods to Person, etc.

STIQ interviewed 55 people & companies including retailers/ecommerce merchants and 3PLs. Interviews were conducted in January & February 2023.

Quotes from interviews are included in the report. In some cases these have been anonymised to protect the identity of the individuals/companies concerned. 

The report includes sector analysis, segmentation of the various solutions on offer, market dynamics, sector demographics. It also offers important advice to new buyers of automation equipment (see retailer interviews p15-17 for specific advice) and much more.

STIQ has covered this sector annually since 2018. This 2023 report was the 6th annual report we have written on the market sector.


This report is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD courtesy of ADDVERB, one of the expert vendors in the sector. 


This report focuses on online order fulfilment automation technologies, sortation robots, picking robots, ASRS/Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems, G2P/P2G Robots, packaging machinery and more.


Companies mentioned in this report include: 1M Robotics, 6River Systems, Addverb, Attabotics, AutoStore, AWM Tech, Bastian Solutions, Belive, Brightpick, Dematic, Exotec, Fives Group, Geekplus, HAI Robotics, HIK Robots, Honeywell Intelligrated, InVia Robotics, Libiao Robotics, Locus Robotics, Magazino, Mujin Robotics, Knapp, Opex, Prime Robotics, Prime Vision, Quicktron, Rapuyta Robotics, RightHand Robotics, Safelog, Savoye, Scallog, SSI Schaefer, Swisslog, TGW, XYZ Robotics, and many others.