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2017 Fashion Size Fit AI Market Report Slide

Market Report: Fashion Size & Fit Solutions, 2017


FashionTech: Size & Fit SaaS for Online and Offline Fashion Retailers

Suppliers of sizing & fitting SaaS technology are no longer just solving the 'returns problem' but have developed an engaging range of products for retailers and consumers. We were surprised to find X-ray scanners, specialised 3D and 360 product digitisation of garments , content creation, algorithms creating 3D garments from flat imagery, and much more. Our interviews suggest that retailers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their A/B testing and measurable results are driving a relatively high R&D spend.

The market is immature, worth about $25m in 2016, and a lot of potential remains but indirect competition from innovations in last-mile delivery is an unknown entity. Partnering and the development of sticky use cases will be key to growth.

Interviews for Size-Fit Fashiontech

We interviewed two-thirds of the sector CEO's for the 68-page report.

The Size-Fit SaaS niche market sector is still in its infancy and most companies report annual revenues well below $1m, with a few indicating revenues of up to $5m.

This report does not cover in-store Body Scanning or Magic Mirror technology in any depth.

Suitable for the following readers:

  • E-commerce and Omni-Channel Managers, Directors, SVP's, COO's, CTO's, CMO's, etc.
  • Existing investors, new investors; Angels, Seed, VC + industry
  • Potential partners for Size-Fit technologies
  • Technology suppliers