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A review of RBTE 2018

RBTE (Retail Business Technology Expo) is a yearly event now held in London's Olympia trade show centre.

Our immediate impression was an impressive queue to get in to the event at 9.20am (doors opened at 9.30am). This is always a good sign. However, the show felt slightly smaller than usual, which considering the current state of retail, should not come as a surprise perhaps.

In our view some of the display stands offered the most eye catching stands (which, again, is not a surprise). The stand that drew the most photos and films was:

 However, this stand is made up from a multiple of display products which has been circulating at trade shows for quite a while now. The more impressive bit was the way it has been assembled together with the music. But, just wait until one of the spinning displays break... what will the display look like then?

Other interesting displays include this new partially see-through mesh. However, there were more than one stand showcasing this technology.

 We are certain these displays will soon make it into stores. However, if they will be permanent fixtures is another question.

The floating display using magnets was also very cool. Again, its not very new, but got plenty of eyeball time from visitors.

 Large scale displays are en vougue right now. This trend was perhaps first used in the salesforce offices in San Fransicisco. Now also provided by MCube:

 SuperDry was one of the first stores to use this in the UK (we believe it is in use at Heathrow). However, Mcube's customer, Benetton, has used the Mcube visual system for their newly opened Oxford Street store. (above from RBTE).

Our 4Q17 Store of The Future concept include this type of large screen, but with an interactive element, responding to people and the environment, etc.

Two trends at the show was RFID and people counting. Several companies from Hoxton Analytics to Tyco's Shoppertrak showcased both hard- and software.

We especially liked the Baringa new technology stand showcasing startups including up and coming stars such as Increasingly.

Quite a few stands included co-exhibiting, such as JDA & Centiro (below)

Finally, these types of screens are sure to pop up in shopping centres and stores targeting a younger demographic.

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