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A Review of Ecommerce Expo, London Olympia, UK September 2019

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Ecommerce Expo, 26 Sep, 2019

  • Olympia, London, United Kingdom
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  • Event link: Ecommerce Expo

EcommerceExpo is collocated with two other shows in the Olympia trade show halls in West London and frequently has a queue of people outside waiting to get in.

This year we were invited to participate in one of the many ongoing presentations at the show. While these are frequently overcrowded, the talk we participated in was perhaps only 40% full (audience). I was invited to talk about ecommerce fulfilment robotics when the other panellists were talking about PUDO which may have been slightly confusing for the audience.

Note that if you are considering a visit to Ecommerce Expo, the show will be moving to Excel in 2020!

Image: Entrance queue on the morning of the 26th

From a personal perspective it was interesting to meet up with people and shake hands. However, from an ecommerce business perspective, one of the more interesting exhibitors was WS Ecommerce Solutions.

WS Ecommerce Solutions is operated by WatchShop. The company has developed its own ecommerce cart software, an internal WMS and other operative software in addition to an internal 3PL-type set-up. WS are targeting smaller retailers with their solution and think it will make sense as a first platform for early stage retailers before they move on to a larger scale solution.

STIQ thinks it is an excellent way to make an extra buck. However, this may cause problems internally as external customers may have other requirements and demands when compared to internal stakeholders. WS are currently integrating with two clients.


Personal KPIs: Steps: 7,000, Business cards: 14

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