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A review of The Delivery Conference by MetaPack


A five star event!

The Delivery Conference receive a 5/5 star rating from Styleintelligence for its excellent organisation, the level of speakers and the audience it attracts.

The Delivery Conference by MetaPack has now been running for nine years and will celebrate 10 years in 2019. It attracts all the key players in the parcel delivery sector as well as numerous logistics and supply chain professionals from mainly UK retailers.

It includes talks by a host of people including the Debenhams Chairman, Charles Tyrwhitt CEO, McKinsey and numerous other companies.

If you are in the business of shifting parcels, especially to consumers, then this conference is a must. If your business is warehouses, selling products to consumers, etc then its also an event for you.

This was our second visit to the very well organised show and we were not disappointed. We saw presentations from McKinsey (although we think their content mirrored some of our blogs from last year... coincidence?), Debenhams, MetaPack, Apex Insight, Photobox, FNAC Darty among a few others, all with very interesting and noteworthy content.

Frank Proud, Apex Insight

Photobox, annual peaks on the slide.

MyHermes hardware to be used by their partner locations. (This is an interesting development in the retail space right now with other players such as Just-Eat and Square also moving to occupy/influence the IT estate of its partners)


Patrick Wall, CEO and Founder of MetaPack


McKinsey & Co, Ludwig Hausmann, Partner

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