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APPLY: Fashion Tech Accelerator, closing Feb 28, 2018

Apply to the latest fashion tech accelerator at FTA, announced today!

FTA has announced a partnership with Hatcher+, a unique, data-driven venture capital company based in Singapore and Miami. The partnership will enable FTA to use Hatcher’s proven AI-based platform to assist in assessing candidates and tracking performance.

100K € : 60K € in tailored services + 40K € in direct investment
The business model for the acceleration program will be kept simple and straight-forward, following these simple points:
- The acceleration process will roll across 6 months of services, valued 60K €, including go-to market strategy, digital strategy, business development and fund raising.
- Furthermore, 40K € will be directly invested in each company.
- Services and investment will be given in exchange for 10% of equity

“We are thrilled to be partnering with FTA. They are, in our view, the leading player in the fashion technology start-up space” said Wissam Otaky, Partner at Hatcher+. “We look forward to co-investing with FTA in their exciting start-ups.”

- An additional 200K € will be available for follow-on funding on a case-by-case basis.
- An advisory board will be involved in the selection process. Every candidate would meet the board to present their business, receiving immediate feedback. The advisory board is comprised of:

The first start-up call of 2018 is now open and will close on February 28th. The selection day will be held on March 15th.


(Copy from email sent to us from FTA)

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