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AWS RoboMaker - What's Amazon up to in robotics?

Amazon (via AWS) has begun offering a number of SaaS packages for robotics  vendors and recently announced a startup collaboration with MassRobotics to encourage uptake of these solutions: "The AWS Robotics Accelerator" (link)

AWS Robot Accelerator x MassRobotics Image

Is this simply a software play from AWS to get vendors hooked on their cloud services or, is this a larger robotics play from Amazon and should robot vendors worry that Amazon might roll out their own in-house robots (Kiva Systems)?

AWS currently offers a range of solutions, including RoboMaker (a simulation tool) and IOT TwinMaker (a digital twin solution):

AWS IOT TwinMaker

Our impression (based on website visits) is that this is simply a software play by AWS and may be unrelated to the wider robotics hardware function at Amazon.

However, the software domain is key to AWS and whilst RoboMaker and TwinMaker currently offer some competition to simulation and digital twin tools, the step is not too far away from offering a fleet manager (AWS currently offer a product called "Fleet Manager" - NOTE > not to be confused with a mobile robot fleet manager! The AWS Fleet Manager product manages servers).

What is your view of RoboMaker and TwinMaker? Have you used the tools? Post a comment or contact us for a confidential chat. 



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