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Emart Everyday cashier-less store in Gangnam, Seoul

We recently visited Seoul and Emart's latest cashier-less store which opened a few weeks ago in the upmarket Gangnam area of Seoul, South Korea.

Source: We found out about the store opening from an article in Yonhap News.

Perhaps our expectations were too high when we finally arrived. However, the main news appears to be that the store accepts payment via the SSG (parent company) mobile application. There is no tracking of what customers put in their baskets and every customer is required to self-scan each product before being given the option of using SSG's app to pay for the basket.

However, we managed to get a few pictures of the store.

Screen outside the store with changing adverts.

Self-checkout terminal including possibility to use the SSG app to pay.

Entry barriers (no need for an app to gain entry)

The Emart chain make extensive use of LCD price shelf labels. These are used extensively by many FMCG retailers in South Korea.

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