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Microsoft's new Oxford Circus store, summer 2019

Blink and you'll miss it!

Benetton's previous store in one of the four coveted corners of Oxford Circus has been converted to a Microsoft store. However, despite being one of the largest companies in the world, it seems the marketing department at Microsoft failed at persuading the London administration about the need for a huge flag or a neon sign, or whatever to advertise the store.

If you walk in the three other corners of Oxford Circus you can be excused for not noticing there is a Microsoft store in the fourth corner.

Can you spot the Windows store?

The newly unveiled Microsoft store in Benetton's former store in the prominent Oxford Circus/Oxford Street location is supposedly a story in marketing the brand's products to the world.

When we visited, the store was very busy and it had even a workshop for kids on how to build the best Minecraft environments.

Workshops for kids school classes. Good for? Outreach?

While Microsoft has a few products, it falls behind Apple due to its lack of consumer products. Ok, its laptops and its Xbox ranges targets consumers but, they are not really super insipiring. No, the store appears to be more of a meeting point for the company's enterprise customers.

Recognise the table design from somewhere?

Ground floor is full of laptops and computer peripherals, including a station for Hololens. The first floor is an amalgamation of Apple's genious benches and a room dedicated to Xbox (Microsoft - if you read this - why not just put up a huge marketing display at the UK Comicon - you get all your geeks visiting there!!)

The enterprise level is on the 2nd floor where you are greeted at a reception.


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