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Modex 2022 Most Talked About: Opex Infinity

Modex - "Most Talked About" Prize

STIQ's "Most Talked About" at Modex prize went to Opex for their new Infinity system.

Our principal consultant received more questions - "What do you think of Opex Infinity" - than for any other exhibitor, system, etc. and hence took the top slot in the "Most Talked About" category at the 2022 Modex show.

Here's a video we took of the solution

There are several parts of this solution that are simply genius. The Opex engineers have adapted some of their Sure Pick solution and added bits and pieces of new stuff.

Super exciting to see more mASRS or ASRS solutions... even though these make it increasingly difficult for us here at STIQ to make a clever and simple segmentation of the G2P space. 

To read more about the G2P sector - download our free 54-page report on the sector, published during Modex on March 30th, 2022. 

Download STIQs 2022 G2P Solutions report here  

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