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NRF 2022, Day 2

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The Monday is often considered the business day, when the larger budget buyers come out to play. Most exhibitors appeared sanguine about the level of visitor traffic versus quality as usual. It is not inconceivable that NRF 2022 has taken a hit in visit traffic, many thanks to the pandemic.

One of the longest queues at NRF during all our visits have been to Starbucks. Many coffee connoisseurs criticize Starbucks for the apparent lack of coffee in the drinks they serve. However, as the queue is evidence of - these beverages are very popular in the US... but... Starbucks also sell gift vouchers that are distributed to retailers by a few exhibitors, which could also be part of the popularity!

Cleaning Robots & Brain Corp

Brain Corp has found a niche in providing an autonomous navigation stack for industrial and consumer cleaning robots. Interestingly, they have expanded this stack into shelf scanning as the video below shows. 



We were not entirely sure what to think of Cahoot and their box micro fulfilment locker (or whatever you can call this). Having looked at Cahoot's website we are still confounded by the automation in this product and if this just a PR piece for a peer-to-peer fulfilment network. Anyway, we are always interested in highlighting new and curious products that relate to robotics and retail tech. We recommend reaching out directly to the company for more information

 And here's an image of their stand in the Innovation part of NRF 2022

Cahoot @ NRF 2022


Salesforce definitely won the best stand award from STIQ. Congratulations. Note that this is a 360 Image

 Salesforce 360 image NRF 2022

 Silly data: 11.1k steps walked

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