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Should Amazon start technology licensing?

Amazon had applied for 17,199 patents by February 9th, 2019 (source)

Amazon has developed a number of novel technologies and applied for multiple and numerous patents. All of these have been with a view to further Amazon's business.

However, may Amazon be coming to an end with many of its innovations and patents?

Styleintelligence would recommend they set-up a licensing team to capitalise on unused IP. However, this may go against everything that Amazon wants to do with their "vertical integration concept".

Jeff Bezos, founder

echo show, built to [partly] recommend fashion items to customers

Amazon Echo, built to add voice shopping. Has not taken off big time

AWS, one the the most successful businesses within Amazon. Unliked by retailers as they feel Amazon may steal their data.

Not invented by Amazon. Kiva Systems was acquired in 2012.

Amazon Prime Air... still waiting for this to take off as a delivery concept

Amazon Go... probably one of Amazon's more successful PR initiatives.

Yup, Amazon's range of technology is huge.

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