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Trade Show Report: Logis Tech Tokyo, 2023

Trade Show

Logis-Tech Tokyo is an annual trade show focusing on logistics and intralogistics technologies. The show is divided into two bi-annual events with this year being the smaller "Innovation Expo" (odd years) with the larger Logis-Tech Tokyo (even years) to be held in 2024.

STIQ visited Innovation Expo, Logis-Tech Tokyo on September 13th, 2023. The show was held at the Tokyo Big Sight area located in the Tokyo harbour area. This was reasonably easy to get to once ticket prices and directions on the subway/underground were figured out. 

Japanese colleague or interpretation tool recommended

Note that this show was primarily domestic focused and if you want to visit in the future we would recommend some Japanese knowledge or bringing a colleague that speak Japanese to ensure you get what you want from the show. 

Big Sight did offer rental of handheld AI interpretation tools, but you might also use Google Translate, etc. but this is awkward and requires internet connection.

Wifi and SIM card at the Airport

Note that you can rent portable Wifi or just buy a temporary SIM card with internet at the airport. We paid Yen5,000 for an internet only SIM card (no telephone number). This requires that you phone is not connected to a particular vendor, i.e. Verizon or EE, etc. Important: You will probably lose Yen5,000 if you pay and your phone is not "unlocked" from any particular network provider. 

Trade Show Area: Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre
Logis Tech Tokyo was held at the impressive Tokyo Big Sight Expo Area located in Tokyo bay.

The event was very well signposted from the subway/underground station.

The show opening hours were 10am-5pm. We arrived a bit early and had time to take a few photos of the main entrance area.

The show was divided into two separate exhibition halls. Halls 1-2 and Halls 3-4 were combined.

Logis Tech Innovation Expo (odd years) show size

Note Logis Tech Tokyo, Innovation Expo took us ONE day to walk through with plenty of time for talking to various exhibitors. If you intend to visit the show and travel far, you may want to visit when the larger show is held in 2024, 2026, etc. The 2023 show was not large and STIQ considered it more of a domestic show.

ENGLISH ONLY: Note that using only English can be difficult at this show. However, we think we managed reasonably well. But only time will tell if we were understood and if some of the companies we invited for a conversation will respond to us. Having a Japanese interpreter or member of staff to join you when visiting may be useful to get more out of the show. 

AGV & AMR Exhibitors

There were plenty of AGVs & AMRs on display at the show from a variety of vendors, co-exhibitors and system integrators. This also included multiple AGV & AMR component suppliers.

Logisteed showing off an AMR
Rapyuta Robotics showcased their PA-AMR and also a range of AMR forklifts alongside their new ASRS solution.

HAI Robotics, a usual suspect at these shows also showcased their range of robots.

Libiao Robotics (the yellow bot) managed to be present on quite a few stands. 

Hangcha exhibited a range of different autonomous forklifts at the show. 

HIK Robots also present via a distributor

Makitech showing off a F2F lift.

Lexx Pluss showcasing at partner stand
ForwardX showcased a few of their robots

AGV & AMR Component Suppliers

Nabtesco showcased their mecanum wheels.

Contact charging supplier Darfon

Wireless charging component supplier

Other exhibitors

There were numerous other exhibitors present. In particular we noticed a prevalence of WES vendors (whatever the definition of a WES is). There was also Geek+, Quicktron, AutoStore, Exotec and others present. 

Missing from this show was perhaps the larger international system integrators. However, the domestic players were exhibiting including IHI and Okamura for example. 

A cardboard transformer from this packaging supplier

A Lego model of AutoStore on their stand at the Logis Tech Tokyo show.

People we met at Logis Tech Tokyo 2023

Gajan from Rapyuta Robotics

Chia from Techvico

STIQ also met other people including Magnus at AutoStore, Gilles at Exotec and so on but failed to take images of these... sorry - we will be more cognizant in the future. 

Videos from the event (may take a bit to load)

Rapyuta Robotics exhibited their just recently released completely new ASRS solution using a mobile robot with mecanum wheels driving under totes and lifting them to new location. The solution made use of a lift between floors.

Cuebus showcased their exciting new solution based on maglev technology. The solution was apparent developed for hanging garments originally, but we can see potential for many other future applications, especially in sequencing. 

Rapyuta Robotics also showcased a new autonomous forklift solution at Logis Tech Tokyo. Note that Rapyuta were founded in Tokyo, Japan.

Taka Robotics at Logis Tech Tokyo 2023 exhibted their F2F (floor to floor) forklift robot.

Okamura showcasing a mobile robot at Logis Tech Tokyo 2023. This snippet focused on the charging approach. 

Galaxis, a Chinese System Integrator, showcased their X/Y ASRS shuttle solution at Logis Tech Tokyo 2023. 

Okamura showcased their Pallet ASRS solution at Logis Tech 2023

Plenty of AGVs (line guided vehicles) in the Japanese market. This is a Toyota AGV showcased by one of their subsidiaries. Note this robot is missing its cover.

Itoh Denki had one of the most interesting stands with a performance that was not entirely clear to us at STIQ. However, it did attract a huge audience.

THK Showed off their palletization gantry type robot at Logis Tech Tokyo 2023

ABOT Robotics showcased their case opening solution at Logis Tech Tokyo Innovation Expo. Used in pre-decanting processes. 

XYZ Robotics showed their container unloading solution at Logist Tech Tokyo 2023. 

IDEC at Logis Tech Tokyo 2023 showing off AGV & AMR components including the French supplier EZ-Wheel

Post trade show networking event(s)

STIQ invited a few people to a post-Logis Tech Tokyo drinks & soft networking meetup just after the show at one of the nearby hotels on Sep 13th.

Note: Thanks to Tian at Kudan for finding this venue and sorting out the booking for us!

We were a group of 15 people in the end (some missing from the image) that met up for a 2hr "eat and drink all you can" thing which is common in Japan apparently - see also here for Japanese business drinking culture.  

Companies around the table included Mitsui, Sanki, Techvico, Mushiny, Renatus Robotics, Exotec, Kudan, Ground Inc, Zillion Robotics and a couple of "free agents" alongside STIQ. 

We had a great time and about 10 people continued after this to a Karaoke session in Ginza after this - no images unfortunately (luckily). 

Future STIQ networking events at major Trade Shows

STIQ will continue to organise these soft networking events at the trade shows we visit in 2024 including Modex, Logimat, Logis Tech Tokyo, Cemat Shanghai and others.

If you are visiting a show or just want to join a session - let us know and we will reach out when we're in town.  

If you want to sponsor one of these events - contact Tom for more details.


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