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Trade Show Report: Retail Supply Chain + Logistics

A review of Retail Supply Chain + Logistics Expo

We visited: 2 March, 2022

We have visited a few trade shows in 2022 already and many of them have suffered from quite a few cancellations and low visitor numbers.

This was the first time we visited the Retail Supply Chain + Logistics Expo (we think) and were pleasantly surprised to find this a very busy event. Whilst there were a few empty stands, there were definitely plenty of visitors.

We talked to a few people in the stands and they appeared to be happy by the number of visitors (we visited around lunch time) and some had not even had time to go for lunch. 

Loads of warehouse automation exhibitors

We found there were plenty of warehouse automation vendors and system integrators showing at the trade show, such as Knapp, Fives group, Blue Robot Company, AutoStore, Element Logic, Logistex, Romb Technologies, Ferag UK, etc.

Exhibitor: Blue Robot Company

Locus Robotics
Exhibitor: Locus Robotics

Exhibitor: Swisssort

Exhibitor: Ferag UK

Element Logic
Exhibitor: Element Logic

Exhibitor: Romb Technologies

There were also multiple 3PLs showcasing including Hermes and others.


Note: Part of the high visitor number may have been influenced by strike action by London underground staff on March 3rd. 

Well worth a day visit

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