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Trade Show update: Logimat cancelled

Logimat cancelled :(

It was expected since we had received a few meeting cancellations from the key exhibitors. Later we also started receiving cancellations from smaller exhibitors and then finally the event cancellation.

Our thoughts are with the many businesses that rely on the trade show sector in Germany. With c.1,700 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from all over the world it was probably a decision not taken lightly.

We were looking forward to the event as it was the first time we would be spending the full three days at the event allowing us to really get under the skin of the event and exhibitor's products. It was not to be.

We were considering booking for to go to Modex instead (this overlapped exactly with Logimat for some reason), but think prices and avalability of hotels will be impossible now so will instead see you at Logimat 2021 and at Promat 2021.

FYI the 2020 G2P Robotics report is coming on nicely.

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