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Why pay for expensive market research when you can get it for free?

STIQ are aware that our free reports are copied and referenced widely in startup funding decks and custom reports. Often this is done with proper sourcing and referencing of STIQs freely available reports. 

Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that various supposedly reputable market research companies are also referencing STIQs reports/data as their own and charging for what is essentially free.

If you use data explicitly from research in your reports - please use proper referencing and source, i.e. "Source: STIQ Ltd + [year/report name]".


In June 2022, we became aware of one market research company - LogisticsIQ - simply screenshot pages from STIQ reports and referenced them as their own market research.

We reached out to the company to query their methodology of using our data and selling it as their own research to kindly fix their processes and announce the corrections.

"I am really surprised to read this mail as we have our unique research methodology, in-house database, and detailed analysis.  Apart this, if we are sourcing any information then we are backing it with proper source."

This response was the last we heard from LogisticsIQ. They have made no effort to contact us again.

We decided to write this blog post to encourage them (and others) to source our data properly.

LogisticsIQ vs STIQ

If you have paid for LogisticsIQ reports or are considering buying any of their reports, you may partially be paying for data that you could get for free from STIQs reports.
Below: #1 Screenshot from LogisticsIQ Warehouse Automation report, clearly stating Source as LogisticsIQ Research.
Below: The original graphic - Screenshot from STIQs 2019 G2P report page 5 (download here for free)


Below: #2 Screenshot from LogisticsIQ Warehouse Automation report 2020, clearly stating Source as LogisticsIQ Research.
On a positive note, LogisticsIQ do mention STIQ in the text in the above page. However, the graphics are sourced as LogisticsIQ own.

Below: The original charts - Screenshot from STIQs 2019 G2P report page 6 (download here for free)

Note: Yes we have changed the style of our reports since 2019

So, why should you pay expensively for data that is copied and available for free?

Why copy STIQs research reports?

STIQs analysts have extensive backgrounds in M&A research and/or market research and have presented analysis to corporate, venture capital, private equity and investment banker investors. 

STIQ takes great pride in its research methodology (primary and secondary) which follows principles from our experience in M&A research and consulting.

For each report, STIQ conducts multiple in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders - every STIQ report includes credits (see last few pages in every report).

The quality of STIQs reports is such that they are forward between peers and colleagues (we encourage this). For example:

"Our robotics team received your reports from many different sources... continually throughout the year. This was not really a problem... if anything, it really showed the quality of the work you are doing and the number of people that follow your reports." [Tesla]

Sourcing properly

If you use STIQs data, quotes, etc. - simply source and reference properly and we may even send you a thank you email!

Here's how to source STIQs reports properly: "Source: STIQ Ltd, [report name]"

For example, "Source: STIQ Ltd, 2022 Goods to Person Solutions report"



What is your view on plagiarism?
Have you seen STIQs work in other reports and want to let us know anonymously (we never reveal our sources unless they want to be mentioned)?

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