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Wrist-worn Wearables Commoditization

Where are Wearables heading?

The Apple Watch is widely thought not to have reached its sales targets and over the last few months, a number of advertising campaigns have been launched with promotional offers including the watch further commoditizing its appeal.

By Thomas Andersson, 26 November 2016.

Over the last few months, Vitality Life Insurance has advertised an promotional offer in London indicating that Apple is open to using their Apple Watch in promotional marketing offers.

NIke + Apple
Image source: Styleintelligence, Nike Oxford Circus Flagship Store, Nov-16

Apple has also teamed up with Nike to advertise the watch in its stores. 

It would seem that the Apple brand on its own is not enough to carry sales of its watch and one interpretation may be that the company is sitting on stock or are unable to meet minimum manufacturing quotas and are looking sideways to meet its sales targets.

Vitality Life Insurance is marketing a giveaway at a heavily reduced price in the London Underground.

Apple + Vitality
Image source: Styleintelligence, London Underground, Nov 2016

Styleintelligence consultant Thomas Andersson co-created a Wearables Deep Dive 2016 (PDF download) for Fung Global Retail & Technology published mid-summer 2016.



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