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Market Report: AGV & AMR Robotics 2022

Market Report: AGV & AMR Robotics 2022


2022 AGV & AMR Robotics Report

EXEC SUMMARY (longer in the report)

  • Sales uplift in 1H22, muted in 2H22
  • Different growth by industry sectors/segments
  • Volatile outlook for 2023
  • Supply chain disruption causing backlogs, price increases, longer lead times
  • Early signs of market inflection, could be impacted by reduced VC money inflows, recessionary pressures


Included in this report:

  • 70 pages: Executive Summary, Sector analysis, charts, data, insights by STIQs expert analysts
  • Quotes from 60 stakeholder interviews
  • Key Success Factors for starting/running an AGV & AMR Robotics project
  • Amazon, what are they doing?
  • 100 vendor profiles with key weblinks and brief info
  • List of interviewed companies

Companies mentioned in this report include: Addverb, Amazon, Accerion, AgileX, Agilox, Aiten/ Popifyindustrial, Anronaut, Arculus, ASTI, Avidbots, Autoguide, Balyo, BAR Automation, BlueBotics, Bosch Rexroth, Bowe Group, Casun, Cleanfix, Continental, DS Automotion, DTA, E80 Group, EK Robotics, FARobot, Fetch Robotics, Flexqube, ForwardX, Fusion Processing, Geek+, Gideon, GIM Robotics, Grenzebach, Guidance Automation, idealworks, iFollow, IncubedIT, IPLUSMOBOT, JBT Corp, Karter, Kivnon, Korber Business Area Supply Chain, Kollmorgen, Kudan, Leishen, Lemurian Labs, Linde Material Handling, MAXAGV, Mitubishi Logisnext, MIR,, Muratec, NAiSE, Navitec, Nvidia, Omron, Oppent, Outrider, Phantom Auto, Proxima Robotics, Romb Technologies, Safelog, Samsa Software, Seegrid, SEER, Sevensense, Sherpa Mobile Robots, SICK, SVT Robotics, Synaos, System Logistics, Techvico, Third Wave Automation, Vecna Robotics, VisionNav Robotics, Waku Robotics and many many more.    

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