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The latest online retailer to go offline... Alibaba!

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Today we cannot just separate online and offline... wise words by Daniel Zhang, the CEO of Alibaba, who is eyeing a $2.6bn deal to take the Chinese "Intime Retail Group" department store chain private. Source:

This follows several offline moves by a number of "tradtitionally online" companies including Amazon,, Boohoo, Zalando, Farfetch and others.

The main advantage moving from online to offline is the corporate culture of accepting and managing with multi-year losses to build a better business. Most offline businesses with online add-ons have a culture of carefully weighted KPI's on which bonuses and other advantages are based. For example, asking Arcadia Group to all of a sudden swap its profits for two to three years in exchange for a potential upturn in business following increased capex and missed targets would simply be impossible. Acting as a startup means you are willing to accept losses that might occur as a result of higher risks... and rewards.

However, these online companies have a history of increasing sales on a massive scale without having to think too carefully about overheads. Adding property leases to a balance sheet adds weight that is not easily shifted... watch this space in 5-10 years when leases are starting to drag on performance...

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Note: The Intime Department Store Group was co-founded in 2008 by Lotte (South Korean chaebol, retail group) and Intime Retail of China.

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