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#3 Robotics Networking Event, Nov 16th by STIQ "TLA Robotics"

STIQ Ltd (a publisher of free-to-download robotics market reports) organised it's third #3 in-person free robotics networking event on November 16th, 2022 hosted at Shoosmiths inspiring offices in central London.

The Audience

Nearly 100 people attended the event from around the UK and abroad. 

Companies in attendance included well known names, such as Airbus, Arrival, Asda, BT, Covariant, Deepmind, Dyson, Flexqube, Gillespie Manners, Goldman Sachs, Legal & General Investments, maxon, Ocado, Shoosmiths, Softbank Robotics, Tesco, and QinetiQ just to mention a few. In addition there were multiple startups & scaleups, postgraduate students and other professionals.

This event was kindly sponsored by Shoosmiths, maxon UKI and Gillespie Manners.

The Presentations

There were 8 presentations from startups and sponsors:

TLA Robotics 


Ronak Samani from maxon with an insightful presentation on brushless motors used in robots.  



Owen Nicholson from SLAMcore talked about their views on robot localisation including SLAM.

Fox Robotics

Alejandra Acevedo presented their view of the future of farm logistics.

Fox Robotics

Automated Architecture

Ivo Tedbury talked about the construction industry and highlighted some of the supply chain problems involved in adding robots to that particular industry. He also presented their modular construction panels

Image courtesy of Shahira Gul


Jack Cornes explained their non-magnetic inspection robot system for concrete/rough surfaces. 

Animal Dynamics

Jillian Currie presented their company and their unique drone systems. There was also a display by Animal Dynamics for attendees to view the canopy and the real-size robot/drone body.

United Robots

Dariusz Mankowski talked about their vision for a connected network of robots alongside their delivery robot.

QMUL (Queen Mary University London)

Lorenzo Jamone of QMUL had the unenviable task of presenting just when the pizzas arrived and everyone started smelling the food. Lorenzo's presentation was very entertaining and he talked about the research topics currently running at QMUL, including some of their work with micro sensors.


The next STIQ robotics networking event will be held on February 8th, again hosted by Shoosmiths, a stones throw from St Pauls Cathedral.


If you want to attend, present your startup or sponsor an event - do reach out to us on (yes, we do check this and we do get ALL the emails - might take a day or two to respond occasionally, but we DO respond).

You can also follow TLA Robotics on LinkedIn page or join our email list at

Note that STIQ has secured FOUR more events to be hosted at Shoosmiths in 2023! If you cannot make some of them, there will be more.

  1. February 8th
  2. May 9th
  3. August 9th
  4. November 8th


More Images

"The three maxoneers" - big thanks to the team for sponsoring the event!
Image courtesy of Shahira Gul

STIQ's own Tom Andersson pointing in the air talking about the pizzas and closing the presentation part. On to the networking! 
Image courtesy of Shahira Gul

The audience - pretty full, but we could have squeezed in a few more... next time! 

From the back of the venue.
Image courtesy of Philip English

The view from the pub for post-Robotics Networking Event drinks (don't forget to join us for a drink next time). Yes, that's St Pauls Cathedral. The pub is about 100m walk from Shoosmiths. To join - simply ask Tom for details and wait for the event to close. 

If you were at the event and took some pictures - please feel free to share with us and we might add them to this blog post including a reference to your LinkedIn page.

For example:

Attendee Content

Video courtesy of Kirill Shilov at Sky Drones (thanks for letting us share!)

Gillespie MannersSweets from Gillespie Manners. Image courtesy of Jasmine Singh

Animal Dynamics presenting their drones. Image courtesy of Jasmine Singh

At the entrance of Shoosmiths. Image courtesy of Jasmine Singh


STIQ = Free Robot Sector Market Reports

Finally - don't forget to check out STIQ's free robotics market reports here

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