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The STIQ Ltd Business Model


STIQ's business model is unique in the market of publishing market research reports. All our publications are free to download and share by anyone across the globe. 

Q1: How do you make money?
A1: It's very simple - we allow advertisers to badge our high-quality market research reports. This means we can publish them for free.

Q2: How can you remain unbiased?
A: We interview up to 50 stakeholders for each report. Advertisers do not get to preview reports before they are published. In fact, only our analysts get the full picture up to publication.

Q3: Why are we not included in your report?
A: Most likely because you ignored our emails. If you have not been in contact with us or heard from us, please do let us know and we should be able to remedy this quickly/in the next relevant report. 

Q4: How do you determine the topics for your reports?
A: We listen to the market and try to focus on topics people are interested in knowing more about. Of course, if you think we should publish a new report on a specific topic, do let us know and we can have a chat.

Q5: What is your background?
A: Our founder's background is in M&A due diligence research. Having worked on numerous projects for VC and PE clients we decided to set up our own business. Around 2016, we began writing about early stage Machine Learning companies prolificating in the fashion sector, such as "visual search". Warehouse Automation was not too far from this and once we had published our first piece on G2P Solutions in 2018 we were hooked on this super exciting space! 


Our question for you: Have you read any of our reports?

Check out our 2024 Loading & Unloading Automation report here (no details required, direct to PDF download 1-click link)

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