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#4 Networking Event by STIQ Robotics

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STIQ Robotics Networking Event #4

STIQ Ltd organised the 4th in-person robotics networking event on Feb 8th, 2023 in central London. The event was sponsored by Onshape, Shoosmiths and Gillespie Manners.

STIQ Robotics #4 was our first ever live streamed event and the recording is available on YouTube (note that the video includes networking break of 30mins with people milling about). [note: the video might take a while to load]


There were 8 presentations by Onshape, Crover, Arnaud Thiercelin, Wootzano, BladeBUG, Cambridge Sensoriis, Acuity Robotics, and Mo-Sys/Stellar Robotics

Onshape at STIQ Robotics event
Ana Sofia Barros flew from Barcelona to present Onshape's offering to the audience of c.120 attendees.

Crover at STIQ Robotics feb 8 2023
Lorenzo Conti from Crover came all the way from Edinburg to talk about their exciting grain monitoring robot. 

Arnaud Thiercelin at STIQ Robotics
Arnaud Thiercelin talking a bit about his time at DJI as Head of R&D US.

Raviteja Burugu at STIQ Robotics 2023
Raviteja Burugu from Wootzano travelled all the way from Edinburg to present their "robot skin" sensors.

Mo-Sys Engineering/ Stellar Robotics at STIQ Robotics 2023
John Barratt from Mo-Sys Engineering / Stellar Robotics presented their localisation (SLAM) product. 

Chris Cieslak from BledBUG at STIQ Robotics 2023
Steve Clark from Cambridge Sensoriis presented their radar localisation solution for drones and other autonomous vehicles.

BladeBUG at STIQ Robotics #4 2023
Chris Cieslak from BladeBUG presented their windmill monitoring/surveying robot. Image courtesy of BladeBUG.

Acuity Robotics at STIQ Robotics #4 2023
Matthew Hopkinson from Acuity Robotics presented their ferrous/magnetic surveying robot. Image courtesy of Acuity Robotics.

Displays/ Exhibitions

This event featured displays from Onshape, SERG Technologies, BladeBUG, Mo-Sys, Sky Drones, Crover, Acuity Robotics and Cambridge Sensoriis 

Robots at STIQ Robotics #4

Robots at STIQ Robotics #4
Image courtesy of Rian Whitton

Gillespie Manners at STIQ Robotics 2023


Attendees/Demographics for #4:

STIQ Robotics 2023
The audience just before the final break with food & drinks, listening to the last few questions. Apologies to the standing people in the back for the lack of chairs!

Companies attending (in-person) the STIQ Robotics #4 event included: BP, EY, Accenture, Arrival, Automata, PTC, Asda, Strongpoint, Fabric, DCA, Covariant, Brightpick, Gillespie Manners, Shoosmiths, Ocado, Amazon, Imperial College, UCL, Aidrivers, Dexory, Tonus Tech, Cambrian Robotics, Onshape, Kings College, United Robots, Volant Autonomy, Sky Drones, Staxel, Ross Robotics, Grayscale, Visualskies, KRAI, Engineered Arts, maxon, Scalebridge Capital, Mo-Sys Engineering, Crover, The MTC, University of Nottingham, LAC Conveyors, Stanley Robotics, Cambridge Sensoriis, Acuity Robotics, BladeBUG, SERG Technologies, Cranfield University, Robot Center, Hubble Labs, Mama Codes, Wootzano, Electronic Specifier, Western Media Group, Sealed Air and many many others.

STIQ estimated the following split for #4: 5% investors & media, 20% postgrad students, 40% professionals, 35% startups.

Event images

Feel free to send us one or two images of the event and we may add them here including your credits and a link to your LinkedIn profile!

STIQ Robotics 2023 #4
Event screen in the Shoosmiths reception on ground floor. Image courtesy of Karol Janik.

STIQ Robotics #4
The important networking break. Image courtesy of Rian Whitton.

STIQ Robotics #4
Networking break. Image courtesy of James Klein


We got some super feedback from attendees:

"It was really an amazing event, so informative and really a genuine platform to get connected to amazing people around. I got connected to a lot of super amazing people. With a like minded ambience it was such a power packed environment with robotics and technology everywhere. Including the refreshments and stuff, that was so cool. I was very delighted. Thank you, and I want to get updated more on your upcoming events. I even heard that these events are never to be missed." [attendee]

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