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Arket - interesting concept store, but lacking in details

Arket Brand Fashion H&M Interior Merchandising retail Store Layout

We visited Arket on Long Acre in Lodnon's Covent Garden earlier this week.

The store is located on three floors and is very plain in its layout. It reminds us of a Muji store, but much larger and with less products. Arket is, of course, also primarily a clothing brand.

At the back, next to the Floral Street entrance, this Arket store also host an Arket-branded cafe serving a number of cakes (however, the Arket cafe has stiff competition from the Swedish-owned cafe 'Bageriet' on Rose Street - highly recommended!) which we have never seen in Sweden before.

Our visit was really pleasant. Not too much people in the cafe (in fact, there were more staff than visitors in the store). Our soya latte and cake (grain with fruit of some kind) were very nice. The tray was very heavy as its made from stainless steel. Illustrations on the underlay are typical Swedish toilet-humour book designs from pre-2000's that appear to have come back in fashion again. The illustration tells a story about Swedish Flat Bread from the north of Sweden.

Interiors are light and use a lot of oak-type furniture which is very pleasant to the eye and also, surprisingly, to sit on.


Whatever happened during the concept development stage for this to happen? A new store chain where the clothes cant fit in the newly designed shopfitting/shelving? Or... perhaps its part of the story??

If you like stores with no brand (such as Muji) you will definitely like Arket.


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