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Harrods and Immersive Retail technologies

The Beauty Hall at Harrods have received an overhaul and been redesigned. As a part of this, the company has added a few [discrete] augmented reality (AR) features.

One of these AR technologies is a few Magic Mirrors for make-up purposes.

Magic make-up mirror at Harrods. Cleverly combined with a smartphone charger for the busy people trying on cosmetics.

However, when we visited there were no users of the AR function and instead the mirrors were used as... mirrors by the make-up artists.

Admittedly there were only eight (8) brands of lipsticks available on the magic mirror which probably made it less exciting to use. There were also issues with lag. For example, the authors own lipstick got stuck on the edge of the screen when he turned around a bit too fast for the algorithms.

Another example of AR technology was the "sniff a perfume" machine.

Give it a sniff. Super shop assistant (!) who showcased the AR functionality. In store now for circa 2 weeks.

Not sure to what extent I would like to spend the best part of 30mins to design my own perfume. Perhaps I would pay someone for a personal experience in that case...

All good initiatives, however, they appear a bit discrete and disconnected, possibly due to being spread out in the Beauty Hall which is pretty large.

Carolina Herrerra operates its sniff AR machine separately from the magic mirrors at Harrods


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