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NRF 2022, Day 3 (final day)

Final day. We did a walkthrough 360 video from the Innovation Lab and the Startup Zone on the lower floor. The quality is not super, but you can drag and get the view you want here:

The final day is generally quite busy up to mid day and then quietens down from there. 

Ingenico's Finger Robot

We typically pick up a little robot that is standing in a corner doing something that no-one really picks up. Ingenico's finger robot is one of these - an articulated arm robot that is used to demonstrate how easy it is to use Ingenico's new financial technology/payment product.

Note that Ingenico stressed that whilst the payment technology is their product, the robot is not an Ingenico product.


... See you again in 2023 NRF & New York! 

Silly data: 14.1k steps walked

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