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NRF2020: The calm before the storm and assorted problems... solved

NRF2020, New York, US
Retail Technology trade show

While the climate at NRF2019 was very warm, the weather outside Jacob K Javitz centre was definitely very cold at a cool -10 degree celcius. So, this year I brought my wintercoat.

It was strange to see people walking around in tshirts in New York in the middle as I realised I had made the wrong outerwear choice. However, at least we can remove our outerjackets... #isgretaright?

Once at my hotel room I realised my computer charger had broken so I had to walk to the nearest BestBuy (W44th 5th) to get a universal charger. Without BestBuy you would not have been able to read this blog so readily.

How can I describe BestBuy? While I was not stressed out by the problem, it was something I needed to fix. The girl at BestBuy was very good and helpful. Despite having to buy one solution that did not work (you're not allowed to open the packaging unless you pay for it) she kindly helped me out and opened another package which definitely fit my ZenBook. 

BestBuy does not offer a hugely exciting store interior, but what they lack in interiors, they certainly make up for in service! Much appreciated.

I'm glad the charger didnt work, because normally I do not have time to check out the stores in New York during NRF. Too tired after the shows to go checking out stores...

I arrived on the Saturday, a day before the show opens proper. As you can see in the image below there is an eerie calm...

PS I did consider buying a charger on Amazon and having it shipped to the press lounge at NRF, but decided this was going to create too many issues.

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