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Retailers IT estate the next battle ground for suppliers & partners?

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On our recent visit to NRF2018 we saw the new piece of EPOS hardware Square payments had just recently released and at TDC18 we noticed Hermes new hardware for its partner stores. In addition to this we also read about Just-Eat's development of a hardware platform for its partner restaurants.

All this is pointing to increased competition for retailer's and hospitality businesses IT estate - but what does it really mean?

  • Will EPOS and ERP-light suppliers experience a declining market?
  • To what extent is hardware and EPOS used as a way to 'tie in' customers and partners?

Our take on the development is that there is increasing competition in the sectors these companie operate and providing hardware is another tool in their brand marketing arsenal.

Just Eat plc has taken this one step further and are now also offering group purchasing discounts to its partners and a number of restaurant supplies.

Just Eat plc, Partner Shop

Square showed off their new EPOS system at NRF2018, targeting its already extensive list of SME clients.

Square's new EPOS system together with its paymetn terminal.

At the TDC18 show we also noticed Hermes have developed a hardware configuration to be used at its partner outlets.

MyHermes hardware configuration for use at its partner collection and delivery locations.


-Addition on 24/02/18

Uber Eat @ Baskin Robbins


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