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Trade Show Report: LogiMAT 2023

LogiMAT 2023, Stuttgart, Germany

The 2023 LogiMAT show was very bustling and we had two people on call to talk to exhibitors and get them excited about our publications.

Two STIQ analysts at LogiMAT

One thing that stood out was this hall, an extension of Hall 2. In 2022, this hall was full of mobile robot companies (many moved to Hall 6 in 2023). Was this a case of fewer exhibitors?

Pocket Sorters are popular in Europe. There were far less of these solutions at Promat in Chicago earlier in 2023. 

Plenty of newcomers have been attracted to the Cube Storage space. However, not all of these solutions are used simply for storage. 

Volume Lagertechnik was one German company with an interesting solution that targeted a smaller fulfilment centre setup.  

Jungheinrich launched their Powercube solution at the 2022 LogiMAT show. This solution has a robot in the bottom of the cube, pushing totes upwards and pulling them down. Interesting solution.

Gebhardt Intralogistics used a robot on top of their fixture as a replacement for complex conveyor systems, i.e. it simply moves the totes to and from the picking area. The shuttles do the hard work.

Intellistore use a combination of three robots for their cube storage solution.

 In the picking space there's a new player - Sereact. They have a young team with great backers and advisors. Perhaps we will see more from them soon.

We were delighted when Safelog offered to host the informal STIQ drinks. This turned out to be quite a packed event with 12 of the visitors reaching out to meet up over a beer. This is something we will do again for sure! Big thanks to the people at Safelog for hosting us.

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