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Mini Report: Passive Industrial Exoskeletons, 2019

Mini Report: Passive Industrial Exoskeletons, 2019


Niche market in ascendancy. Standards still developing. Automotive and advanced manufacturing industry with strong OHSA culture has been catalysts in growing the passive industrial exoskeleton sector.

Passive Exoskeletons primarily use spring-loaded mechanisms for force feedback (as opposed to Active Exoskeletons which use electrical power, such as batteries, etc).

Industrial exoskeletons are used in manufacturing and material handling to enhance workers in awkward working positions or to limit forces on the back, etc. There are two main types of Passive Industrial Exoskeletons - Arm Support and Back Support.

Arm Support Exoskeletons are typically used for overhead work, such as for assembly workers in automotive industry when assembling cars from below a car.

Back Support Exoskeletons have a slightly wider application and may be used for heavy lifting and where a person needs to bend into a position for a period of time.

STIQ has dipped the toes in the passive industrial exoskeleton niche to analyse market maturity, vendors and the potential for a large growth spurt/inflection.