Fashion Discount Outlets; The Open Secret

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Acne Jeans/ Acne Studios outlet store fascia.

Twenty minutes drive South from Gothenburg lies a small inconspicuous town called Kungsbacka, a typical mid-sized Swedish town with a population of about 20,000. It has a few grocery stores and a number of generic stores selling whatever.

Google Map instructions how to get to Hede Fashion Outlet  by car.

Someone once decided to set-up a 'Bicester Village type outlet' in this part of Sweden "Hede Fashion Outlet" in Kungsbacka. We don't know why or how they did it. Nothing particular about this, but what is extraordinary is that they also managed to squeeze in not only one cool denim brand but two cool and Swedish denim brands - Acne Studios and Nudie Jeans.

Nudie Jeans Outlet.

Acne Studios operates three outlet stores in Scandinavia (Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Kungsbacka/Gothenburg) offering last season/older stock at discounts between 30-70% with an average of 50%. The store in Kungsbacka has been open for about three years.

Other stores in the Hede Fashion Outlet includes Peak Performance, Nike, Adidas, Iittala, Guess, GANT, Orrefors Crystal, Salming, Bjorn Borg, Tommy Hilfiger, among many others.

Orrefors/Kosta Boda outlet store.

Click here for the Hede Fashion Outlet Website

Note: We arrived in Hede Fashion Outlet on Dec 22nd, 2016 just before opening at 10am and left around 1pm. Footfall was well below expectation two days before Christmas Eve (the Swedes celebrate Christmas on the 24th!).

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  • Love this. Want to go… how was the selection???

    Jeanie on

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