How are consumers influenced by the models used in product photography?

Posted by Thomas Andersson on

Image source: Zalando

Following a conversation with one of Styleintelligence's friends we found out they preferred to buy products photographed with a particular model as the size and fit is always good when buying products with this model. This was a bit of a revelation to us but makes so much sense.

As a part of a Gamification Paper (to be published Dec 2016) we are working on right now, one idea has been that high-street stores should employ store assistants in various shapes, weights, and heights not only as a way to reach diversification targets, but to encourage customers with similar body build to try on clothes with a particular store assistant either remotely or in-store - like a "body twin".

Image source: Asos

Imagine if high-street stores would equip some of these 'store model assistants' with cameras allowing an online shopping experience where the model dress up in the clothes and send a short video to the shopper... well that could be something we would definitely look at!

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