Market Report: Fashion Visual Search, July 2017

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Visual Search technology is used by high-profile retailers including Farfetch, Inditex, Rakuten, Yoox Net-a-Porter, Asos and many others.

Developments in Deep Learning technology have pushed a generation shift in core technology for Visual Search and Online Recommendations.

“Deep Learning started in the 1980’s. About five years ago there was a significant advance made and it simply transformed the whole Machine Learning area.” [Greg Slabaugh]

Continued development of Deep Learning technologies could lead to a massive disruptive shift in fashion retail technology. There are already signs of consolidation of numerous SaaS services such as Fit, Personalisation, Recommendations, Big Data and Shop the Look.

“We don’t just see that it is a V-neck top, but we also measure the depth and angle of the neck-line and can provide very granular information about a garment.” [Secret Sauce Partners]

New use cases with potentially huge impact on fashion supply chains are also emerging.

“We scan the latest fashion runway images and produce a colour trend report for CTIC members. We also work with CTTC [large textile testing company] augmenting human capabilities in fibre checks.” [Malong]


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Global Visual Search Providers

We interviewed 14 of 16 suppliers of visual search/image recognition technology targeting fashion retailers. As the image show, there are suppliers on three continents.

Suppliers mentioned in this report: Malong, Secret Sauce Partners, Artifacia, Catchoom, Clarifai, Cortexica, Fashwell, IBM Watson, Omnious, Picalike, Sentient Technologies, Slyce, Streamoid, ViSenze, Wide Eyes. We have also covered Amazon, Pinterest, Trax Retail, Alibaba, and Google.

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